Scenario Capacity Building

SCENAM is partnering with Whole Systems for all activities related to the scenario design and capacity building of the local scenario core team.  Whole Systems is an internationally known and experienced consultancy expert in group process design and facilitation as well as applied system thinking and diagnosing.  Its Founder – Alain Wouters – uses a wide variety of scenario-based strategic management processes and other generative and conversational methodologies to help people work together to anticipate and deal with change and complex problem situations throughout the world.

Amazon Socio-Economic Research

ACERTAR is SCENAM’s partner for all activities related to the socio-economic research and analysis in the region.  This wide data mining exercise will increase the understanding of stakeholders issues, needs and objectives regarding water management. ACERTAR is  a research institute based in Belem, Brazil, that offers services related to Information processing, Research & Surveys, Documentation systems, as well as Training & Advisory services.

Knowledge Management

SCENAM is building a partnership with the Stocker Group – a Lima-based Knowledge Management company.  The partnership will ensure that from the beginning of the scenario process – consultancy with local communities will prepare for the project.  The purpose is to ensure that every step of the process will happen in a multi-stakeholder participatory manner and that all intermediary project products and information will be transmitted to the relevant constituencies for a strong communication plan to be developed and for a real public debate to take place around the scenario stories.

Private Sector Engagement

SCENAM is partnering with Green Growth Evolution in order to start evaluating the current impact of the private sector’s activities in the Basin.  GG was founded by Silvia Zeder, a former risk manager who has developed a rating system capable of comparing various private sectors activities cross-sectorally.  The partnership with the Geneva-based company will start by exploring Swiss business activities on an “a-priori” basis to see how countries located out of the basin can also participate in the sustainable development of the region.