SCENAM Statutes

SCENAM is a non-profit association governed by the present Statutes and, secondarily, by Articles 60 and seq. of the Swiss Civil Code. 

SCENAM The Think Tank:
Read a short description of SCENAM the Think Tank and how it fits in the larger picture of the multilateral Amazon water management project.

The SCENAM Process Table:
The Process Table shows how the various chronological and methodological steps that the process will follow.

The SCENAM Pyramid:
The Pyramid shows how the scenario methodology, while following the chronological steps of the process table, will simultaneously work as a bottom-up, iterative process allowing for all interests to be taken into account.

Vision Amazonas

A Vision for the Amazon River Basin
Access the GEF sub-project document I.1 A Vision for the Amazon River Basin only.

Amazon Paradox
Access the Amazon Paradox Thesis: The Sustainable Development Paradigm Shift: Financing a Long Term Vision in the Amazon River Basin.

GEF Amazonas

Access the GEF Full-Size project document Integrated and Sustainable Development of Transboundary Water Resources in the Amazon River Basin considering Climate Variability and Change only.

Access the GEF sub-project document II.3 Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis only.

Access the GEF sub-project document III.5 Strategic Action Plan only.

Communication, Outreach & Finance
Access sub-project III.4 Communication, Outreach and Finance only.


Exploring the Future
Access Shell’s Scenarios: An Explorer’s Guide